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Air compression lymphatic drainage Cellulite machine 24 chambers Air Pressure Bag + Pants / Trousers
Item ID #MS-P418
Voltage: |100-120V|200-240V|
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The System is an Aesthetic Compression Therapy System that consists of a Programmable Sequential Therapy device and inflatable Compression Garments for use by the professional aesthetician. The system performs a massage from the distal to the proximal sections of a limb,relieving the limb of excess lymphatic and venous fluids.Pressurized air is distributed through a sequence of tubes connected to a sleeve-like garment that is wrapped around the client’s limb and fastened with zippers.Gentle air pressure is created by inflating up to 24 overlapping cells located in each garment. The cells inflate in sequence, applying a smooth peristaltic unidirectional massage action that assists trapped fluid to move.

The creation of the System is the result of the vast experience gained from many years of collaboration with physicians specializing in sports medicine, plastic surgeons and physiotherapists. The action of the IHAP118 aids in the removal of excess interstitial waste fluids, accelerates venous and lymphatic return, and promotes total body relaxation for a general improvement in well-being. In sports, the IHAP118 is highly recommended for enhanced muscle relaxation and relief of muscle fatigue caused by intensive athletic activity and to aid recovery from sports injuries. In the field of aesthetics, plastic surgery clinics use the IHAP118 for pre and post liposuctiontreatments. Cosmeticians and beauticians use the IHAP118 as part of slimming treatments.





1.Cellulite ( “orange peel skin” )
2.Volume reduction ( legs, arms and torso )
3.Reduction of edema pre/post liposuction surgery
4.Relief of leg swelling and pain associated with venous insufficiency, obesity, or prolonged standing
5.Relief of muscular pain and Relaxation and stress reduction Skin firming and toning




1.Prevent development of cellulites
2.Interrupt the accumulation of cellulite
3.Prevent and treat varicose veins
4. Reduce limb and body swelling
5. Shape legs, arms, buttocks, and belly
6.Relieve leg pains due to obesity and hard work
7.Firming and toning of skin.




Host (Device)
Voltage:AC110V±10% / 60Hz,AC220V±10% /50Hz
Pressure:20~80 mmHg .
Programs:Pre+Ballance / Ballance / Pre +Waver / Waver
Max.treatment time:60 minutes
Dimensions:53CM*49CM*42CM 1 Unit / Wooden Case 
Grow Weight::13.3 KGS

Pants (Garments)
 Dimensions:49CM*42CM*21CM 1 Unit / Carton
Grow Weight:7.2 KGS