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2IN1 Cyrolipolysis + Lipo Laser Slimming Machine
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Voltage: |100-120V|200-240V|
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1. CryoLipo is conceived and created by the procedures that fat is reduced gradually after cold panniculitis. 
2. The applicator pulls up the skin by air vacuum and two side pannels lower temperature precisely to remove fat. At the same time, it radiates low level laser(650nm) in order to promote the mitochondria. It weakens the structure of fat cell membrane.
3. 650nm laser activates the mitochondria, that results in emulsification of fat cells. CryoLipo keep radiating low level laser from the center of applicator over the procedure. 
4. Emulsified fat cells turn more vulnerable to the cold. Two side panels freeze the fat with precisely controlled cold temperatures. Damaged fat cells are eliminated by body process. The patient is required to drink more water to promote the elimination process.




*CE certificate,
*The real diode laser source,imported from Japan.Pads are sealed with good heat exchanger.
*The cooling system air cooling+metal cooling allow the machine working over 12 hours continually.
*Cryolipolysis and Lipolaser pads can work at the same time .
*Unique Electromagnetic shielding net to protect the machine working stable.
*Air pump imported from Taiwan Mean Well power technology

*Four language options:Chinese,English,Spanish,France.




Laser type:Diode laser
Laser wavelength:650nm-660nm
Diodes number:Total 32 diodes
Laser energy:32*100MW
Cooling output temperature:-16°C ~5 °C 
Cooling liquid:pure water, with 4litres
Vacuum pressure:0-100Kpa
LED Light wave length:492-455nm
Display:8 inch Monochrome touch screen
Packaging size:80x65x46cm
Voltag: 220V/50Hz;110V/50Hz 
Power Consumption:≤400W


What happens to the fat cells?
During the procedure, exposure to cooling causes fat cell apoptosis, which leads to the release offat layer. The fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body's normalmetabolism process, much like fat from food.
What will happen after the treatment?
The CoolSculpting procedure is non-invasive. Most patients typically resume their routineactivities, including returning to work and exercise regimens on the same day as theprocedure.Transient local redness, bruising and numbness of the skin are common side effects ofthe treatment and expected to subside in couple of hours. Typically sensory deficits will subsidewithin 1~8 weeks.
Will treating the distance be painful?
With this non-invasive procedure, there is no need for anesthesia or pain medications, and norecovery time. The procedure is comfortable for most patients can read, work on their laptop computer, listen to music or just relax.
How long the effect will last?
Patients experiencing fat layer reduction show persistent results at least 1 year after the procedure.The fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body's normal metabolismprocess. The elimination of fat cells as a result of the procedure is expected to last as long as fatcells removed by invasive procedures such as liposuction.
How do the results compare with other procedures such as liposuction?
liposuctionbenefit:The results of the liposuction procedure are very rapid and dramatic .Side effect: pain, fatal risk, recovery time even body asymmetry will occure during surgicalprocedures.
RF thermal therapy or ultrasoundBenefit: can treat deep fatSide effect: it may hurt the surrounding cells or cause pain