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Mini Bipolar RF Machine Radio Frequency Skin Tightening&lifting
Item ID #RF-AYJT09
Voltage: |100-120V|200-240V|
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RF Therory:

Redio Frequency Tightening System, uses its unique 10MHz variable frequency system to rapidly alternate the electric field in the skin from positive to negative in order to set the optimum applicable frequency. RF produces heat when the tissue’s electrical resistance converts the electric current to thermal energy deeper within the dermis. Initial collagen denaturation within these thermally modified deep tissues causes the immediate tissue contraction. Subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and reduces wrinkles. It will largely help to achieve the best treatment result and make the skin tightening, smooth, and fresh!

RF Application:
1. Skin tightening
2. Deep and light Wrinkles Eliminating
3. Improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine
4. Pregnancy line restoring
5. Skin- metabolism improving
6. Focusing Radio-frequency, immediate effect
7. Anti-aging for whole body
8. Divide bacterium and diminish inflammation
9. Improve pore-expanding
10. Shape beautiful figure Specifications: Operating
11. Pregnancy line restoring

RF Features:
1. Bio-polar, safe device, heating treatment handle piece to protect skin very well.
2. Simple operation: Complete English design makes operation clearer and simple
3. Safe and reliable: RF is a Non-invasive, non-surgical, no scar, no bleeding, no downtime or recuperation way of treatment, which makes patients shape their charmingfigure and tighten their skin safely.
4. Special Effects: Effective wrinkle-removal, skin tightening, breast-beautifying and chest-strengthening have proved by clinical experiments.
5. Radio Frequency: energy is transmitted to the place between two electrodes; the current permeates target tissue and generate heat.
6. Simple maintenance: The RF machine is designed and made according to blocking technology OEM and OEM order is always welcome.




     The Bipolar RF beauty equipment is the high-tech beauty equipment, great safety and no wound.

      The collagen is the main structure of skin. However, the collagen and elastin will reduce and lack because of sun oxidation and air pollution as the time flies ,Assustainment of skin, flexibility fibre and collagen fibre would gradually lose elasticity and tensility.Sagging skin,or other visible signs of aging will appear.
     The  Monopolar RF equipment with the cooling system in surface layer, uses proprietary technology to deliver radiofrequency energy to the collagen tissue of dermis layer. When deep collagen tissue is heated up to 45-60, it will naturally produce instant shrinking, stimulate to excrete much new collagen to make up interspace of the shrinking or lost collagen protein, and make them rearray, rebuilt skin soft bracket, finally get tight skin, remove wrinkle, recover skin elasticity and luster.



1.   Collagen renewal: the RF energy could be reached the deep layers of skin, stimulating the collagen structure to renew. In response, the best result of tighter skin, renewed facial contours can be expected.
2.   Treatment extensive: it could be applied to anyones sagging skin and aging skin.
3.   Instantaneous shrinking skin:when the temperature of collagen up to 45o- 60o,the collagen will shrink instantaneously.Therefore,one time treatment could let u feel the best result.
4.   Long renewal effect: after half years treatment, the renewal of collagen makes your skin activated.
5.   Great safety: surface layer cooling makes the RF energy and its released speed could be controlled so as to make great safety during the treatment.
6.   Comfortable: non-invasive radiofrequency technology, no blood, wound, or lay off.
7.   Long effect: one time treatment can make you feel the best result, and last for 3-5 years.


 of Application

1.   Face lifting
2.   Skin lifting around eyes
3.   Skin lifting on neck
4.   Improve conditions of sagging skin
5.   Forehead wrinkle removal
6.   Breast lifting
7.   Shape back contour
8.   Shape belly contour
9.   Shape buttocks and legs contour
10.  Hand care, effective on removal whelk and scars

Technical Parameter

RF Frequency


RF Energy



100,000 shots


HR 610-980nm SR530-980nm (Optional wave length range )

Spot Size


Control way

LCD screen




online impedance testing

Net Weight




Electrical Requirement

AC 220V±10% 50Hz 10A
AC 110V±10% 60Hz 10A




Within two years after purchasing date, we can repair the machine free (except man-made reason)

After one year, we only charge the cost of spare parts