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High Frequency Heat Radio Frequency RF Machine Skin Care Personal Home Use
Item ID #RF-Q7
Voltage: |100-120V|200-240V|
List Price: $1450.00€1450.00£1232.50
Price: $725.00€725.00£616.25
Quantity: Unit(s)
Operating Voltage: AC110V 
Output Frequency: 0.5MHz
Power: 50W
Dimension: 200(W) 220(D) 90(H)mm
Weight: 1.5Kg
For: Home care
Apply: Face
New concept, New technology
“ Self - type   RF System”
Create your beauty and Design skin
•Simple design with remarkable color RF system.
•Easy to use, self-operated high frequency deep heating device.
•Self Function
•There is no need a separated because of plate ability comes with the handle and can do care with safety and conveniently. 
What is High Frequency Deep Heating Device?
 •Activation of collagen and care effect based on deep heating
•By using a special level of frequency, if one were to send out the safest electric energy for the human body directly to its deep parts, biological heating takes place.
•The heat energy generated at this time stands at approximately 42~43 °C and this is called deep area heating.
•This heat raises the body’s innate power of healing and resistance and can be used for a variety of purpose including the treatment and prevention of skin disease, obesity, hair loss and aches and the management of one’s health.
A facial care helps to maintain a clear skin
•Reduce wrinkles & prevents aging around the eyes,
lips and forehead.
 • Removes pus forming elements such as purulent,
  black head, acne scar and sebum.
• Enhances skin elasticity and has the effect of reducing    
  the size of the face by relaxing frozen muscles.
• Prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, manages
  alopecia areata and helps with oily scalp.
Abdomen / obesity care for a beautiful body
•Management of abdomen obesity and the forearm. • Management of the back and shoulder. • Adjusts the chest so that it becomes elastic and balanced
• Minimizes and scars and wounds. • Uneven leg, legs that need dissolution of fatty
  substance, etc.
• Sagging buttocks and buttocks that lack elasticity. • Hip up care including tension reduction and
  promotion of blood circulation.
Care for the aches over different parts
•Shoulder, back, knee, aches
• Aches from chronic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,lumbago, muscle aches, frozen shoulder etc. 
• Cold hands and feet and body chills.
• Cold stomach and body chills.