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3mhz Ultrasonic Ion Photon Massager Facial Skin Care
Item ID #SC-FF0382
Voltage: |100-240V|
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酒红 白色 粉红
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I-PH-S (Ionic-Photon-Sonic)using the most effective of the three internationally recognized skin care technology: ion, power light, ultrasonic and collection in a portable small fine instrument, use it, you can use the physical energy without damageto stimulate and promote the skin\'s own cell viability, the microcirculation of the body to accelerate and enhance the organization to support and metabolic capacity, so that the skin youthful state.


1.dynamic light detector: 
100% anti-oxidation to ensure probe is long shiny, non-oxide safe and reliable
2.Three dynamic light : High energy,fully focused, to experience the perfect feel for different skin types,
Red 12pcs LED:630nm ; Green 12pcs LED:520nm ; Blue 12pcs LED:465nm
3.This product has three colors: red, white, pink, and give you more choices, to experience a different visual effect



Deep clean the skin
Deep moisturizing
Skin firmness
Eliminate facial swelling, to reduce the double chin, shape the face
Dilute the spot, even in color, whitening
Eliminate dark circles, bags under the eyes


Adaptor input power:AC 100-240V
Adaptor output power:15v,400mA
Ultrasonic frequency:3 MHz+-5%


1 x main machine
1 x power supply wire
1 x Power adapter
1 x protective glass
1 x English instruction