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Wireless RF Photon Light Therapy Water moisturizing Micro Vibration Massage
Item ID #SC-R1603
Voltage: |100-120V|200-240V|
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Wireless RF Photon Light Therapy Water moisturizing Micro Vibration Massage



This is an innovation Water-optical RF  with multifunction. It has several functions:nutrition liquid import, RFanti-wrinkle, heat treatment and micro vibration massage. The appearancesperfectly combine with function, showing a new experience of nursing.

RF-remove wrinkle RF

The RF energy promotes the cellmovement, the subcutaneous tissue cells began to shrink, and produce internalheat generation. It can promote the regeneration of collagen, fine lines andwrinkles, when the skin temperature reaches 40 degrees or more.

RF-moisturizing RF

The liquid tank built in machine,can support 3ml capacity nutrient liquid each time. After adding nutrientliquid, it will be formed RF water electrode, through the micro film working onthe human body. Care area due to RF energy gradually formed heat energy. It canpromote the regeneration of collagen; the pores of the skin to relaxation, sothat nutrients liquid accelerated absorbed, quickly replenish nutrients foryour skin.

Red light wave-620nm

It can promote blood circulation,activate the skin tissue, and promote the growth of fiber cells and collagen,effectively smooth fine lines, wrinkles, delay skin aging.

Green light wave-520nm

It can stimulate the skin surfaceblood circulation, eliminate the lymphatic and reduce swollen; at the same timeit has sedative, balance and stability effect for skin; more suitable forsummer tanning, can inhibit the growth of melanin, play a role in stressrelaxation.

Blue light wave-470nm

Blue light has sedative effect,shrink pores, inhibit acne growth, can effectively eliminate acne, treat oilyskin. There is a great improvement for sensitive skin.

Vibration massage

Combined with the kinetic energytransferring of the micro seismic physical massage mode to eliminate fatigue,enhance skin elasticity.


1.Patented micro-permeable water tank, micro-permeablereplenishment.Skin pores due to RF energy formation of endogenous heat and
relaxation,removable 3ML water tank inside the essence of the skin can be through themicro-permeable device, through the 1M RF wave directly acting on the skin, therapid introduction of only a few minutes.

2.Permeable membrane. The use of polymer PTFE both waterproof and permeablecharacteristics, only when the liquid contact the skin will be slowly revealing

3.Stainless Steel cosmetic head. The use of imported 316 stainless steelmaterials, with excellent corrosion resistance and heat tolerance

4.Stylish and minimalist designs. Smooth goose Egg type design, exquisitecompact, rounded comfortable

5.Wireless contact type charge. The use of wireless contact charging design,carry more convenient

6. Thewhole body washes, the cleanness is convenient. Multiple waterproof design,waterproof grade for IPX6, the whole body can be washed, clean and convenient.


RF:RFbeauty is a hot penetration therapy, through the RF instrument transmission ofa high-frequency alternating electromagnetic energy to subcutaneous tissue,stimulate the dermis layer collagen contraction, regeneration, skin dermislayer thickness and density increased. Improve skin gel, smooth wrinkles,remove scars, restore skin elasticity and luster

LED Light Care: red wave, promote bloodcirculation, activate skin tissue, improve skin dark, alleviate skin aging.Green light wave, clear lymph, calm the skin, inhibit thegrowth of melanin to resist pressure and relaxation. Blue light wave, set the skin, shrink pores, inhibit acneproduction, improve sensitive skin.

Kineticenergy microseismic Massage. Combined with the kinetic energy microseismicmassage mode of physical conduction, massage frequency up to 9,000 times/min,effectively eliminate fatigue, enhance skin vitality

Micro-waterreplenishment to quickly replenish the moisture required by the skin