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Handheld Neatcell Laser Picosecond Pen Tattoo Freckle Removal Mole Dark Spot Beauty Machine
Item ID #YL-NC9
Voltage: |100-120V|200-240V|
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Handheld neatcell Pointer Laser Picosecond Pen Tattoo Freckle Removal Mole Dark Spot Beauty Machine


LED Functions:

1. Tattoo removal
2. Mole removal
3. Dark Spot/ Freckle/ Pigment removal
4. Eyebrow Makeup Cleaning
5. Acne Treatment

Notes:The power of blue light picosecond pen is more stronger. It need more professionl operation. Please start from the lowest frequency, then slowly adjust to the suitable level.
The blue laser pen have 9 levels Frequency mode, different output frequency and wavelength. The flash area is bigger.Operation need to use safety googles.

The red laser pen have 3 Frequency mode, its flash area is smaller. It suitable for subtle opperation.
Only the power different,the results is same.


1.The laser pulse width short, almost no photon thermal effect, no damage to the intact tissue.
2.The powerful and ultra fast laser speed can instantly resolve melanin.
3.Without hurt and damages to any skin tissues.
4.Less use times, to achieve better effects.
5.Suitable for a wide range of customers,long term effect is more obvious,more durable and safe.


1.Note: Only for Professional use and if you want to use it at home, please learn carefully about all about the device .

2.Efficient: The laser beam can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits.

3. Safe: No damages and hurts to skin tissues, safe to use.

4.Comprehensive: Reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin from within way.

5.Faster: Faster laser beam and more focused laser energy to clean and remove long-standing melanin problems.


Light Color:Blue/Red Color
Laser type:Picosecond laser
Energy level:4 level
Input voltage:100-240V/50-60hz
Working frequency:3Mhz(Red),9Mhz(Blue)