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3 in 1 new Mini HIFU Machine RF LED Photon Beauty Wrinkle Removal Skin Lifting Tighten
Item ID #RF-M1
Voltage: |100-120V|200-240V|
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3 in 1 new Mini HIFU Machine RF LED Photon Beauty Wrinkle Removal Skin Lifting Tighten



1. HIFU: It adopts the ultrasound detecting system, fusing HIFU high energy, to activate and renew skin, solve the skin flabby problem, tightening and lifting skin.

2. RF: Quadrupole radio frequency, more than 2Mhz focused point energy. It can active the skin collagen under 3.0nm, to enhance cell viability, at the same time, it can inject nutrition into skin to remove wrinkle and fin lines, make skin smooth and tight.

3. PHOTON: it can tender skin by photon technology, improving skin complexion, accelerating the renew speed, tightening and brightening skin.


1.Lifting face, remove wrinkles

Activate collagen, enhance skin moist, so to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

2.Tightening skin, shape V face

RF and HIFU double effect, shrink pores and firm skin, shape your V face.

3.Lifting neck, anti- aging

Massaging and lifting your neck usually can remove neck wrinkles and double chin.

4.Massage eyes, improve eye condition

Place around eyes are tender, so please use low level to care your eyes around. It can remove fine lines and dark circles.



1.Countless shots and no waste.
2.Dual intelligent induction system.
3.Simple one button control.
4.Your beauty salon in hand.
5.360 degree remove wrinkle and fine lines.



HIFU: Power: 24w  Operation Area: 4cm2   Frequency:2Mhz   Operation Depth:4.5mm

RF:  Power: 18w  Operation Area: 6cm2   Frequency:2Mhz   Operation Depth:2mm

PHOTON: Wave: 650nm  Strength: 5000mcd