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Mini Microdermabrasion Hydro Dermabrasion Hydro Peeling Facial Wrinkle Removal
Item ID #SC-119
Voltage: |100-240V|
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 Hydro dermabrasion machine use the pumps to let the water which have add the essence thought the nozzle to impact of epiderm in high speed, with the rotation mode to friction the epiderm, the deterioration of aging skin cells will fall off, let the essence easy to import to the skin. Self-healing function will let the skin rapid regeneration, the new tissue will instep of the aging, at the same time, stimulate skin growth layer oxygen and blood circulation. Accelerate tissue development, promote collagen, elastin production, the skin becomes soft and delicate, elastic and shiny.

This kind of purely physical, mechanical principles, is better than the chemical peels which used the methods of chemical substances to remove horny, it is soft and will not stimulate the skin, suitable for sensitive skin. You can choose the level to control the micro dermabrasion, it's not Irritation. After used, have no the wounds, no easy to have the skin pigmentation or redness.


Hydro dermabrasion machine can be used for improve the skin's pigmentation disorder, the light youth acne, age spots, skin after sun exposure, rough aging and facial lines, also can promote skin renewal, after used, the skin becomes soft and delicate. Today, most consumers hope that the ingredients of beauty products become simple and natural tendency. Hydro dermabrasion import the essence into the deep of the skin effectively, completely physical import, safe and effective, without any side effects. Hydro dermabrasion machine have another feature is for men and woman, this is also one of the reasons it became popular. Generally only ladies ask for beauty machine, but now the hydro dermabrasion which improve the surface used very popular in the male market, at the same time more and more men go to the salon, so that the hydro dermabrasion machine will be more popular in the beauty market in china.

This machine mainly suit for rough skin, comedo, enlarged pores, about 25 minutes for the entire progress for use per time. Every 7-10 days for one time, 8-10 times for one treatment course. There will be significant improvement in the skin after being treated for three times. It's necessary to be treated again every one or two months in order to keep the good effect.


Hydro-Microdermabrasion combining powerful exfoliation, cleansing, hydrating and skin resurfacing that leave the skin hydrated, looking brighter, smoother and rejuvenated.Immediately following treatment, the skin feels smooth and refreshed with increased blood flow to the surface. This increased circulation encourages new collagen formation, and firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

Pit 5-10 times the effect of 80% -100 %
Large pores 1-2 times the effect of 90%
Closed acne 2 times the effect of 100%
Seborrheic dermatitis 3-5 times the effect of 100%
Rough skin 1-2 times the effect of 100%
•The effect of fiber lumps 2-3 times 100%
•Nasolabial folds wrinkles on one's forehead as appropriate , effect of 80% -100 %
•Age spots , as the case raised the effect of 80% -100%
•The effect of small wrinkles rosacea as appropriate , effect of 80% -100 %
•Firming lift 1-10 times the effect of 80% -100 %
•Pock scars 3-5 times and the effect of 90%




Painless extractions

Highest client satisfaction

Immediate radiant results

No irritation or discomfort

No cross-contamination

For all skin types and esthnicities

Excellent Return On Investiment

Rejuvenates your microdermabrasion business & attracts new clients

Superior & faster results than microdermabrasion treatment

•Resurfaces the skin while simultaneously introducing topically applied skin-specific serums.




Input Voltage: AC110/60HZ AC220V/50HZ
Power: 800VA
Vacuum: <100Kpa
Package size:37cm*29*15cm


Packing Included:

Host 1pc
Vacuum Spa Handle 1pc
Liquid Bottle 1 set
Wastewater Recycling Bottle 2set
Accessories 1bag
Power Adapter 1pcs