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Non-invasive Fractional Rf Thermage Skin Tightening Radio Frequency Wrinkle Removal
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Voltage: |100-120V|200-240V|
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Non-invasive skin tightening & contouring
OEM/ODM service
CE certificate

Working conditions

a) Ambient temperature: 5 °C to 40 °C 
b) Relative Humidity :   ≤80%

c) Power Supply Voltage:  AC 220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz;
d) Atmospheric Pressure: 860hPa—1060hPa

Part of the technical parameter

Timing: 0 to 99 minutes
Output int ensity are divided into nine levels, from 0 to 9, which have indication 
Instrument display flicker during working.
Timer switch can be hand control
 Power supply voltage: AC 220V ± 22V   50/60 Hz
Maximum power dissipation: 20VA
 Weight: 15kg - 65kg
Electrode gap: 4-8mm

Packing list of 

one mainframe
One Power line
Electrode bar and its co nnecting wire (one or two)
Treatment head
 One Manual 

Two Fuse Bases

One Warranty Bill

One set of instrument packaging

Tt is for when you want to tackle the effects of aging on your skin.  You want to look younger and you want real results – but don’t want the overly drastic change or extended downtime that comes with surgery.  fits into any lifestyle and your current beauty regimen:

A single treatment that delivers results
Non-invasive and clinically proven to be safe
Minimal downtime, so it’s easy to fit into your routine
Real change you just can’t get from lotions and creams
Targeted, effective treatment that can help address the signs of
aging on many areas of the body


1.Treatment begins with a cooling effect on the skin for comfort and safety of surface layers
2.A specially designed treatment tip is placed against the skin in targeted areas
3.Radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin’s tissue, heating the treatment areas and remodeling the collagen.

4.Final delivery of cryogen to cool the epidermis


What is it used  for?

It is used to non-surgically tighten and lift the skin. It works best on these areas:

the face - especially around the jawline,the eyelids

the backs of the hands,the neck and chest,the body

On the face, the whole face and jaw line are treated to tighten the cheeks, reduce the nasolabial fold (between the nose and the mouth), and to tighten and lift skin along the jaw line. Most centers including ours do the area under the chin as part of the face. You shouldn't need to schedule a neck treatment for that.


fractional rf  can also be performed on the forehead to lift the eyebrows and make the eyes look more open. Used with the Eyelid fractional rf  treatment, you can get quite a nice result with mild to moderate problems here.  It can also be helpful on the neck if there isn’t too much loose skin.

Success on other parts of the body have not been very good or consistent despite the dramatic before and after pictures you will see on the web. Remember many photos do not show typical results or even have been shot with a particular lens or lighting to achieve a certain effect.  is coming out with a new tip for body work that works more deeply


How does  work?
"Fractioanl RF  is the only clinically FDA-approved proven non-ablative, non-invasive system that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten tissue.
A handpiece with a smooth, flat tip delivers radiofrequency waves, which safely heat the deeper layers of your skin. This stimulates existing collagen and promotes new collagen growth over time." Dr. Rakus says. 
fractional rf  can treat a range of areas on the face, neck, decolletage and the rest of the body helping to tighten and firm loose skin.

What kind of results can you expect?
Dr. Rakus says: "Everyone can expect some collagen tightening. The magnitude of visible improvement varies from subtle to dramatic. Generally, some improvement is immediately visible and continues for up to six months as new collagen forms in the skin. Patients experience overall tighter and smoother skin, contouring and softening of wrinkles and lines."

Where do people find fractional rf  delivers the most impressive results?
fractional rf  can give safe results on most parts of the body. As well as helping to improve the appearance of stretch marks and to improve skin around the sensitive eye area, fractional rf  also works well on most body parts. Dr. Rakus lists these as: "The face, eyes, lips, tummy, arms, hands, thighs and buttocks."

How does it differ to other treatments?
Dr. Rakus says: "Fractioanl rf is safer than invasive cosmetic procedures and works on all skin types and colours. Best of all, you only need one treatment to obtain the full benefits. In addition, there is no downtime, so you can quickly resume your daily routine.
"Fractioanl rf  is the only treatment option that rejuvenates the collagen deep in your skin, with none of the negative aspects of other treatments. Unlike injections or fillers,  fractional rf   works across your entire face, including forehead, eyes, nasolabial folds, jawline, jowls and the area under your chin."

It’s described as a one-off treatment – but how often do you need to have top ups?
Normally a single  fractional rf   treatment will give great results for the most part, but each practitioner will determine how many treatments is right for the individual according to the kind of results they are hoping to achieve.
Dr. Rakus explains: "Approximately 5% of patients may see a clinical response immediately on the day of treatment; the majority will see a clinical response between 4-12 weeks with the clinical end result being seen as long as 12 months. Because it can take up to six months for the clinical end result to be observed you should not have another treatment before this time."
It's worth remembering that this treatment takes patience. If you want immediate impact then another treatment like Botox might be more your bag - however, if you don't mind waiting for results to appear then  fractional rf   can be a great way to stop the clock.

Does it work better on certain age groups?
While there is no official ideal age to start fractional rf   , clinical data suggests that men and women aged between 35 to 55 years old will be able to see the best results.
Dr. Rakus says: "Each patient needs to be independently assessed by a qualified practitioner to ensure that they are a suitable candidate for the treatment."

How long is the downtime?
Most people can return to their regular activities immediately following the  fractional rf   procedure. Some people, however, experience a mild redness (similar to a wind burn) after the  fractional rf   treatment, but it usually disappears quickly.
Post treatment however there are some things that you need to be careful of.
"You should avoid exposing your skin to extremes of heat and cold and protect your skin with a sunblock cream after fractional rf   e. Your normal makeup and beauty regime can be followed immediately but," Dr. Rakus warns, "do not have any other form of facial treatment or therapy after the  fractional rf   treatment until authorised to do so by your practitioner."

What are the risks? 
fractional rf   has an excellent safety  record.  With  over  1  million  treatments  performed worldwide  in  the  last  11 years, to date the reported incidence of adverse effects is less than 0.0001%.
While fractional rf   is generally regarded as extremely safe no treatment is without risks.
The most frequently reported incidents are classified as swelling, redness, bumps, and blisters on or around treated area. These side effects disappear in a few days or weeks after the  fractional rf   treatment.
Dr. Rakus says: "A rare (less than 0.11%) but longer lasting side effect described as a surface irregularity has also been reported. Consult with your physician regarding this and any other questions you may have on the safety record of the  fractional rf   skin treatment procedure