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Portable Stylight mini IPL Hair Removal machine Skin Rejuvenation home use
Item ID #HR-208
Voltage: |100-240V|
List Price: $798.00€798.00£678.30
Price: $399.00€399.00£339.15
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Portable mini IPL Hair Removal machine Skin Rejuvenation beauty machine home use
Model number:HR-208


1. Speckle, age spot, sun include freckles and so on
2. Red flood streak, bottlenose, wrinkles, acne, scar.
3. Skin rejuvenation
4. Hair removal (Hair on lip, beard, body hair etc).


1) IPL Hair Removal System Clean & convenient design:

- Handpiece storage

- Cable storage or guide hole

- Safe and easy to use at home

- Touch sensor

- User friendly Interface

2) Effectivenes:
- Professional performance at high value
-  Continual use of consumables

---High-efficiency and comfort: large spot size ensures high-efficient operation;

---Advanced non-stripping, non damaging soft skin technology, remove speckle, hair and make soft skin simultaneously;

---Entire cooling system makes the treatment more comfortable;

---New fashionable outlook design.



1. Permanent Hair Removal / Skin Whitening / Rejuvenation / Skin Lifting

2. Skin contacting detection setup ensures shooting safety.

3. 50,000 shots: more than 50,000 shots lifetime with advanced multi-pluses technology.

4. 7cm2 Super spot size means less treatment time and less consumes.   

5. 7J/cm2 (Max) ensures effective of hair removal and skin safety keeps.


Working mode:HR (hair removal)   SR (skin rejuvenation)

Tip kinds:2 kinds(HR/SR)

Spectra scope:530nm~1100nm / 650nm~1100nm

Tip size:4.4cm*1.6cm

Energy density:0 ~ 7J/cm2

Pulse number:2(HR) / 5 (SR)

Energy level:1~ 10

Power supply:AC100V-240V,50Hz / 60Hz

Rated input power:150W

Net weight:1.75kg

Unit size:L270mm*W230mm*H120mm

Package size:L300mm*W300mm*H135mm

Packing Included:

 (The host+handpiece)×1 

User manual×1

Lamp holderx1

Protective googlesx1