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OPT SHR E Light IPL+RF Hair Removal Machine Skin Rejuvenation HR-9011
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OPT SHR E Light IPL+RF Hair Removal Machine Skin Rejuvenation


It combines E-light (IPL and RF) technique, that is also said electromagnetic wave and IPL heat energy, to increase dermis layer temperature, stimulate collagen fibre rebirth and rearrangement, so as to do wrinkle removal, face lift and lift skin without pain.

Safety: Cause it mainly uses RF energy to penetrate hypodermal 15MM, acts on dermis layer, and very low influence on epidermis, collects main energy on target texture, so-called very safe.


SHR permanent hair removal(HR)
Skin rejuvenation(SR)
• Vasular removal(VR)
• Skin Tightening
• Wrinkle removal
• Acne removal
Pigment removal
Age spot removal




• With IPL+RF Double Handles.
• With Perfect cooling system :Wind+Water+semi-conductor
• With Customer's information saving system(Temperature self control).
• With Multi-language selection.
• With Treatment printing function.
• With Single pulse mode can emit energy averagely for safe treatment.
• With SHR filtered violet light and infrared light, which will eradiate and absorb water from target skin for non-side effect treatment.
• With DEC technology. Identified function makes operation simple, and makes treatment safely.
• With higher frequency (from 1 to 10Hz), Which accelerate operation speed and short a lot of time for treatment.
• With Stationary technology & In-motion technology. Moving IPL can use less time to do treatment on back, leg and arm.
•10.4" LCD color touch screen.



Optical Source:Strong Pulse Light
Transmission System:Sapphire crystal light guide system
Energy Density:1-50J/cm2
Spot size:10*30mm(SR),10*50mm(HR)
Cooling System: Water, wind and Semi-conductor
Power Supply: AC100-120V/60Hz,200-240V/50Hz
Screen:10.4 inch color touch screen

Packing Included:
Main device    1pcs
Opt  Handpiece    2pcs
Water Funnel    1pc
Protective Eyepatch    1pc
Protective Glasses    1pc
Holder    2pcs
Fuse    2pcs
Power cord    1pc
Printing paper    1 reel
User manual    1book
Main device    1pcs
E-light Handle    1pcs
Water Funnel    1pcs