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IE Light+RF IPL Hair Removal Skin Tightening
Item ID #HR-605B
Voltage: |100-120V|200-240V|
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IPL Hair Removal Machine from QIJUN1.Skin rejuvenation
2.Hair removal
3.Removing freckle
4.Acne treatment
5.Red silk


  • IPL beauty salon equipment

       E light intense pulsed light technology is the perfect combination of light and RF energy, with application of three core technology, IPL, RF and epidermis cooling. It combines the advantage of IPL and RF.

      The natural selective absorption function of the skin towards light energy leads to resistance difference between target tissue and normal skin,In the case of low light intensity, it  enhances the absorption of the target tissue, and greatly eliminates the side effects caused by the  thermal effect, and improves creature comfort.

      The traditional treatment of IPL devices can only reach under the skin depth of 4mm, but E-light technology devices can reach 15mm, hence the range of treatment increases significantly.

  • Beauty equipment FUNCTIONS

       The selective absorption: As light acts on the skin,pigmentation and melanin in the hair root absorbs light energy independently, creating floating metabolism at the spot of light energy absorption, and hair roots atrophy necrosis.

       Bio-stimulation: As light acts on the skin, the light energy produced creates a light hot function, effectively stimulates collagen regeneration, and the elastic fiber restructuring, forming the stents, to hold up skin, to achieve a younger tender skin.

       By exposing the pimple to light,the light energy kills the acne propionic acid bacteria directly. Outspread blood capillary absorbs the energy field,as the blood vessels close (atrophy), improving red blood cells.

Two Treatment head 
   High RF + E-light
      Human body engineering
      Smaller, convenient
      Reduce operator fatigue

Gem Crystal 
   Constant temperature
      Safer, comfortable

Intelligent System
   Medical records
      Special therapy to everyone
      Identification system

Israel Cooling System
   Epidermis –10 degrees
      Avoid heat loss
      Feeling no pain

Engineering ABS materials
      High purity
      International standard

Amazing Features

Skin Rejuvenation: Hair Removal
Removal Freckle: Acne Treatment
Remove Red Blood Silk:
Tighten the neck

Shrink large pores:Clear Forehead Wrinkle
Remove ditchFirming
Treatment for WrinklesTreatment for Eyes
Improve the orange peel-like skinPromote Metabolism
Beautify the breastDetoxification
Enhance the SkinWrinkle removal
Active cell function

  • Technical Advantages
 Clear gravid grain

Technical Advantages

1.Unique Four Waveform
2.Cooling System
3.No Diet
4.Ensure the Accuracy
5.Deep Activation
6.One machine Two Function

Technical Parameters
Energy :50j/m
Light Spot Area8mm*40mm
Tips20mm, 40mm bipolar
Rf Metal Card15mm, 25mm, 35mm
Rf SheetmetalTripolar And Pyatyi
Pulse Width2-15ms
Pulse Sequence1-6pilses
Delay Time5-50ms
Skin Contact Temperature-4ºC—+10ºC
Main Power1200w

therefore power200w
Interface5.7’truecolor touch screen
Work Timelast 12 hours of standby time
Machine Power100/100v, 50-60hz,230-260v ,50-60hz
Treatment Head2
Machine Size640mm*600mm*1300mm