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Pro Painless 808nm Diode Laser Permanent Fast Hair Removal Beauty Machine
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Pro Painless 808nm Diode Laser Permanent Fast Hair Removal Beauty Machine


808nm Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser goes through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicles; light can be absorbed and converted into heat damaged hair follicle tissue, so that hair loss regeneration without injury surrounding tissue. Slight pain, easy operation, the most safe, technology for permanent hair removal now.
Diode laser equipment adopts 808 nm, particularly effective to hair follicle melanocytes without injury surrounding tissue. The laser light can be absorbed by hair shaft and hair follicles in the melanin, and converted into heat, thus increasing the hair follicle temperature. When the temperature raises high enough to irreversibly damage the hair follicle structure, which disappear after a period of natural physiological processes of hair follicles and thus achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal

808nm hair removal laser machine prices  removes effectively hair from different parts of body: Armpit hair, beard, lip hair, hair lines, bikini line, body hair and other unwanted hair.
808nm hair removal laser machine prices  also reduces speckles; Telangiectasia or dilated blood vessels, deep color nevus (birthmarks and moles) and many others skin marks.



Gold Stardard 808nm diode laser provides reliable results.
Permanent hair removal,fast hair removal,no pain.
Fast hair removal-large 12x12 mm spot size,up to 10Hz repetition rate.
High power 1600W.
• At least 10,000,000 laser shots.
• 15 hours continously work
8" LCD color touch screen.
Cooling System:Wind+Water circulation+Semi-conductor+refrigerator freezing.




Power Supply:  AC100-120V/60Hz or 200-240V/50Hz
Laser wavelength type:808nm diode laser
Power :1600W
Energy density:  1-110J/cm2
Pulse width:20-1000ms
Frequency: 1-10Hz
Spot size: 12*12 mm
Packing size:780*460*960mm

Packing Included:

Main framex1Pcs
Power Cordx1Pcs
Key Switchx2Pcs
Spare Plugs & fusesx2Pcs
Water funnelx1Pcs
User Manualx1Pcs
Goggles for Operatorx1 Pair
Goggles for Patientx1Pair

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