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3 In 1 Golden Titanium Micro Derma Roller 180/600/1200 Needles Skin Recovery
Item ID #DRS-31
Voltage: |100-240V|
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3 in 1 Titanium Derma Roller,3 separate roller heads of different needle Count 180c 600c 1200c micro needle skin roller.



Save thousands, look younger, avoid painful facelifts and cosmetic surgery!

No doctors, no drugs: safe, proven, comfortable, in the privacy of your own home!

Results rival those of aestheticians and cosmetic surgeons!

Reduces sagging skin, age spots, scarring (including acne scars), cellulite, sun damage; restores skin's natural, youthful beauty

Helps reverse age-related hair loss, restoring healthy, thick hair, a hallmark of youth!

DermaRoller comes with 3 separate roller heads to meet every skin care need: 1200-needle head helps reduce scarring, stretch marks, cellulite and sagging skin; 600-needle head helps reverse the signs of aging on the face; the delicate 180-needle head treats the sensitive skin of the eyelids and lips. All heads have 1.0 mm sterilized titanium needles(we have 0.2~3.0mm total 10 sizes for choice)


♥ Scar removalincluding acne scar removal or treatment.
♥ Stretch mark removal
♥ Anti ageing.
♥ Anti wrinkle
♥ Cellulite treatment/ cellulite reduction or removal.
♥ Hair loss treatment/ hair restoration
♥ Hyper pigmentation treatment.




Product: 3 in 1 Derma Roller

Needle number:180pins; 600pins; 1200pins

Needle Material: titanium(Medical use stainless optional)

Handle color:golden(black ; white, silver)

Handle material:PC

Roller head material:Medical use PC

Packaging:Glasses case, bag pack 1 pc/box

Needle Length:180-0.5,600-1.0,1200-1.5(Other size is optional)

Rolling Instructions:
1. Wash your hands and the area to be treated thoroughly.
2. Wipe the skin and your hands with anti-bacterial gel (you can skip this step if you are using needle lengths of less than 0.5mm).
3. If you are using numbing cream, follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. Always remove the cream completely before rolling (you can use cotton pads soaked with alcohol to do this).
4. Rinse the derma roller under hot running water for a few seconds.
5. Apply skin care product, if using.
6. Whilst pulling the skin taut with your free hand, roll forwards and backwards over the area to be treated. Roll 8-10 times in each direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally (forwards and back equals two rolls). Apply sufficient pressure for the needles to penetrate the skin to their full length. Lift the derma roller slightly after each roll - this will ensure that the needles create new micro-channels in the skin rather than going over the same ones repeatedly.

7. Wash treated area and dry with a clean towel or air-dry.
8. Apply skin care product, if using.

After Treatment:
There may be some bleeding immediately after rolling but this is superficial and should simply wash away.
Your skin will be red after treatment; this is normal and will fade after a few hours.
Wait at least six hours before applying make-up and/or perfumed products to the treated area.
Avoid prolonged sun exposure for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Roller Care:
1. Rinse the derma roller under hot running water after use.
2. If there is any blood on the derma roller, soak it in warm water with a little washing up liquid added until clean. Be sure to rinse well with water.
3. Sterilize your derma roller by standing it in disinfecting alcohol for at least 20 minutes.
4. After cleaning/sterilizing, place the derma roller on a clean towel until it is dry. Once dry, replace the needle cap and store the roller in a clean place.
Whenever possible, try not to let the derma roller's needles come into contact with any hard surface (doing so will make them blunt more quickly).
5. You will know when your derma roller needs replacing; when the needles become blunt you will find it becomes more difficult to push them into your skin.

Rolling Frequency:
0.5mm: 2-3 times a week
1.0mm: Once a week
1.5mm: Once every two weeks if used lightly, once every 3-4 weeks if used more vigorously.
2.0mm: Once every five weeks

Remember that collagen production takes several months of skin needling before you see any real difference. Have patience and results will come.

Important Information:
Disinfect before use.
Never share your Derma Roller with anyone else, and do not use on children or animals.
Not use on irritated or infected skin, fungal skin, active acne, rosacea, eczema, and etc.
Be careful when rolling around the eyes.
Do not use on the eyelids or lips.
Keep the derma roller away from possible sources of contamination. Store it in its case when not in use.

DO NOT USE if following symptoms occur:
Purulent inflammation of the skin.
Severe atopic dermatitis.
If you suffer from diabetes and severe hypertension.